“Architecture is the reaching out for the truth”  

Luis Kahn

The urban plan should define the layout of the city streets, urban squares, green spaces and parks, institutions and services. The master plan should be an integrated overview of the city, because a good relationship between its various elements will lead to the proper functioning of the urban system and to the birth of an identity of the city.

The determining factors which lead to an effective structure for a building must optimize the relationship between architecture and the structure, for a satisfactory result on every level, including financial and aesthetic considerations.

Our services also include Site Planning, Traffic Planning and Landscape Planning around areas proposed for rehabilitation.

Designing spaces, may it be a residence, company headquarters, showrooms, hospitals, a city hall, or a dentist’s cabinet, is similar to designing their business card. This is why an interior design is supposed to be original and, in most cases, should show the personality of the client.

The preliminary concept drawing for a project is done by a technically qualified team and embodies the study which reveals the main technical and economic factors related to the investment objective. The studies are based on the necessities of the project.

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